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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Week of September 2

Welcome to a new school year!  I am excited to begin this grade 8 journey with you.  Please know that I will spend this year trying my hardest to ensure that your child is ready to begin high school in the fall; academically and socially.  I promise that I will give every effort to push him or her out of their comfort zone to promote growth in all areas.  I am excited to work with you towards this goal.

This spot will be a place where I will post assignments, photos, links, copies of forms and other miscellaneous things.  I will also use in order to send text message reminders to the group as a whole.  I have used this very successfully in the past.  It is a one-way text messaging system, by which I can forward information to the group yet all of our numbers remain secret.

Here are a few procedural reminders for the upcoming year:

  • Agendas are to be used and signed during the first term
  • Please ensure all school supplies arrive at school
  • Students are expected to have a gym bag with a change of clothes (shorts/track pants/yoga pants and t-shirt), proper running shoes and deodorant at school at all times.  This can be brought home for laundry as needed.
  • Students will be expected to participate in all elements of the curriculum unless a doctor's note is sent (This includes the arts and P.E.).
  • Information regarding grade 8 trips will be sent home in a hard copy by the end of September and posted to this blog.
  • Information regarding graduation celebrations will be sent home in a hard copy and posted to this blog in the spring.
Parents often ask me about homework.  There will be some nights when students have no particular homework due the following day, but a good routine to establish is to spend 30 minutes a night on school work.  This way, nothing should build up to have last-minute panic.

Feel free to contact me via phone (705-431-5711) or writing a note in the agenda should you have any concerns.

Let`s have a great grade 8 year!

Ms. C. Matthews