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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Week of Nov. 3

Well, THAT was a busy week.  Whew.  Congrats to everyone for their behaviour at the Dance-a-thon and thank you to everyone who contributed.  Events like these help cover the shortfall in budgets for things like Dramatic Arts and playground equipment,  Furthermore, congrats to all grade 8 students for the quality of the school work that was completed last week.  Despite a busy week, almost all students completed the required tasks to a pretty high standard.  Both Mrs Ouellette and I were very pleased.

 - It does not matter if your child is not planning on attending St. Pete's.  The information will be useful to any future high school student.

Upcoming this week will be the introduction of our major cumulative task for Language, which is a Features of a Narrative tool box for the novel The Outsiders,  Students will be placed in partners, and each group will be required to complete five different tasks on the novel; one for each Feature of a Narrative that we have studied.

Enjoy your week!

Ms. C. Matthews